“The streets of Queens, NYC do not necessarily carry jamband street cred. Nor, for that matter, do those in the Virgin Islands. But Banooba takes it all in stride as it keeps itself in motion.”

John Michael Goff - Jambands.com - "New Groove of the Month"

“They’ve been compared to Steely Dan, The Spin Doctors, and Incubus, but Banooba will soon be the standard of comparison. Exploding on stage at Mulcahy’s on this particular Thursday night, this five-year-old local band whipped an eclectic array of funk, rock, and reggae into a tight, cohesive core.”

Daryl Altman - Good Times Magazine

"Banooba’s music is catchy and dynamic, moving from tight, progressive passages to the most infectious, pop rock choruses known to humanity. They really are a most pleasant anomaly. They’ve been to bad places and survived to come back even stronger on their arabesque journey to rock destiny."

 John Pfeiffer, July 11, 2012 - The Aquarian Weekly